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Leah | 23 | Connecticut

“I matter because I am special in a way that nobody else is or ever will be, and I want each and every one of you to believe that about yourself too. The world needs you and the way you feel is not forever.”

Five Facts About Leah:

1. I grew up in New Jersey, went to nursing school in Delaware, and recently moved to Connecticut to pursue my dream job as a psychiatric nurse.
2. I struggle with mental illness myself, and at my sickest I told myself if I got through it, I would use my nursing practice and my story to help others like me…and here I am!
3. I went on a service trip to Jamaica with a group of fellow nursing students last April that was paid for by a mysterious anonymous person in my life! Still don’t know who they are…
4. I met most of my closest friends through our love for music, and despite living in different states, they are my biggest support system.
5. Sometimes when I’m feeling down, I remember how my spider plant, Gloria, is still alive despite not watering her for weeks on end and it gives me a little hope. We can all learn a little from Gloria’s resilience. Also I should learn to water her more. Maybe not the best metaphor, but it works for me!

Rosaleen | 17 | Pennsylvania

“I matter because I’m alive.”

Five Facts About Rosaleen:

1. Sharks are my favorite animal!
2. I love hiking.
3. I plan to major in Environmental Studies and Economics.
4. Slam poetry makes me excited to be alive.
5. I started a mental health advocacy club at my high school.

Kayla | 15 | Missouri

“I matter because…I am here for reason and so are you! I live by the quote, ‘Everything happens for a reason, and there is good and bad in everything.’”

Five Facts About Kayla:

1. I enjoy golfing, writing, baking, listening to music, playing the flute, and running.
2. I want to become a counselor and make a difference in the lives of others.
3. I love the outdoors.
4. My favorite way to spend my time is with my family and friends.
5. My two favorite drinks are coffee and tea.

Alexandra | 16 | New York

“I matter because I’m unapologetically irreplaceable.”

Five Facts About Alexandra:

1. I’m only slightly Obsessed with Sylvia Plath.
2. I love to run and workout, it’s a great way to clear your mind.
3. I though roughly enjoy baking, (and munching on the results during a Netflix binge.)
4. I try to journal every day.
5. I spend way to much time cultivating my Instagram aesthetic (shhhhh.)

Julia | 22 | New Jersey

“I matter because my illness does not define me, there is more to who I am as a person and I want to use what I’ve been through to reach others struggling.”

Five Facts About Julia:

1. I am a certified yoga instructor.
2. I love anything creative- drawing, writing, singing, playing the ukulele- especially singing.
3. I love to travel.
4. My parents have been divorced since I was 7 years old.
5. I am diagnosed with major depressive disorder, anxiety, and severe OCD. I have been diagnosed bipolar, but my doctors are still unsure about this diagnosis. I am passionate about helping anyone with similar issues!


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