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Does TikTok Contribute to the Normalization of Eating Disorders? Let’s Unpack.

*Content Warning – Eating Disorders: This article discusses language around eating disorders and weight loss in online spaces like the app TikTok.*  TikTok, a social media platform that gained popularity in 2019 and picked up traction with college-aged students at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, on the surface is a seemingly innocent app that […]

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The Why of Self-care

Self-care is a term that has been gaining increased popularity in the past few years. If you Google “self-care”, you will be greeted with lists of activities that you can do. Many of the ideas are focused on taking care of your physical needs including sleep, diet, and exercise. Others will aim to improve your […]

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Self-Esteem (Am I Worthy?) 

“Aren’t you something to admire” –Justin Timberlake, Mirrors “Siri, define self-esteem”.  According to the APA Dictionary of Psychology, “self-esteem” is defined as “the degree to which the qualities and characteristics contained in one’s self-concept are perceived to be positive. It reflects a person’s physical self-image, view of his or her accomplishments and capabilities, [...]

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