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Representation Matters

Growing up as queer and Latinx, it was rare to see someone like me on TV. It feels as if television executives tend to favor the white, straight family over the gay, Latinx family. However, the reality is that we are not all white and straight. In fact, white people only make up about 60% […]

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10 Things I’ve Learned From Starting My Eating Disorder Recovery Journey

CW: discussion of eating disorders, but not of specific ED behaviors  Today marks the start of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (#NEDAwareness). This week holds personal significance to me, as I’ve struggled with an eating disorder myself. Starting recovery has been life-changing, and I’ve already learned so much about intuitive eating, food freedom, body neutrality, […]

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The Why of Self-care

Self-care is a term that has been gaining increased popularity in the past few years. If you Google “self-care”, you will be greeted with lists of activities that you can do. Many of the ideas are focused on taking care of your physical needs including sleep, diet, and exercise. Others will aim to improve your […]

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