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Friday, November 13th, was a day of world tragedies. 129 lives were taken in Paris, 41 lives taken in Lebanon, 18 lives taken in Baghdad, and two earthquakes in Mexico and Japan leaving thousands missing. Most of us  we have unfortunately felt the aftermath of losing a loved one. Hearing stories like these of massive deaths and heartache can bring back the memories of the times we had to endure the same heartache. It can be hard to reach out to our community and show support, yet it is so important. We have to be able to put aside our pain and memories in order to be there for the ones that need it the most right now. It is not easy, trust me, but in the end if makes us all stronger.

Showing support does not have to be a political statement or feel like a moral obligation. Showing support to our own community and even communities halfway around the world is important because we have been there, maybe not in the same context, but we know loss. Loss and grief are different for everyone, especially when an attack on an entire community leaves many families without parents and children. What we have to remember in these times is that no matter where we are in this world, we can make a change. We are all citizens of Earth. Love and compassion does not discriminate against race, gender, or beliefs. Despite our differences and the millions of miles separating us, reaching out and acknowledging their loss, is the greatest gift we can give them.


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