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You Matter blogger Fe wrote a poem to convey how they believe that everyone is infinitely valuable no matter what they look like and no matter how much or how little labor they can do. With this poem, Fe wants to remind everyone that You Matter.

The world tells us
That we are not enough
Too fat, too thin,
Too feminine, or too ugly
But the world is lying to us

We’re told to constantly
Be doing something
We’re told to stay productive
And that we cannot afford to rest
As if every day is just another test
Testing our will to keep doing things
Which we’re told we’re too lazy if we don’t do
But none of this is true

Rest is a necessity,
Not a luxury
And it helps us do a better job
When it’s time to work
We function better when we are happy

Without toxic positivity
And we have infinite worth
Simply because we exist on this Earth

Out of all the planets
In all the galaxies that we’ve discovered
Ours is the only planet to show signs of life
So why should we spend time hating ourselves
When it’s such a miracle that we even exist as we are

Every life form is unique
Every animal, every tree
And every human being
There’s no one else on earth exactly like you
Please believe me because its true
You’re enough just by being you

You don’t have to have a fancy job
Or good grades, or a degree, or a job at all

For your worth to be priceless
The value of your life transcends money
It transcends media
And other people’s opinions of you
Because you have infinite value


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