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I love listening to the stories about people coming out to their friends and family. How everyone rejoiced and was happy that someone had the courage to finally be themselves. It’s a pretty awesome time in someone’s life.  I’ve heard of people doing it in pretty extravagant fashion, like showing up to prom with their girlfriend, or just in subtle conversation like fashion.

That’s my way of doing it. I’m a real subtle person. I randomly slip it into the conversation if it allows but if it doesn’t then I don’t. I don’t think that I’m afraid of coming out, I just see my sexuality as my business. If someone asks me then I’ll gladly tell them with a smile that I’m bisexual, I just don’t advertise it. There’s nothing to advertise really. It’s just me. My sexuality is not a concern for anyone but me and my partner. My personality is what matters right?

I do have much love and respect for those that come out and it’s not all sunshine and unicorns. People that end up losing loved ones and realizing that the people that they thought had their back don’t any more. I can’t imagine the type of stress that can cause a person. Coming out can be really harsh and scary, but an uplifting experience as well.

It’s been pretty uplifting for me. A weight lifted off my shoulders. I don’t have to worry about not staying true to myself. I can live freely and love freely. The one problem that I do have is that I haven’t told my parents or my older brother about it. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m scared or it’s because I don’t think that they will accept it. My mother and I are very close so it’s weird keeping this from her.

I love the phrase “come out the closet”.  How was some of your coming out experiences? Was everyone pretty cool with it or did you run into some problems?


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