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It can be different to make major changes to your routine, but it is possible to add a few easy things to make things new, and give your day an extra boost. Here’s a list of tips that on how to make ten small but positive changes from sunrise to sunset.


1. Extend your morning.

It may seem ironic to have a better morning by waking up earlier, but allowing yourself 10 extra minutes in your routine can ease you into your day. Waking up late and scrambling for a toothbrush and comb can make you anxious before you even leave the house. By having the extra time to stretch, make yourself breakfast, or sneak in an extra cup of coffee, you can ease into school or work stress free and ready to go.


2. Jazz things up – literally.

To get your energy up for what lies ahead, warm up your mind on your way to work or school. Crank up the music, download a podcast, or get a book on tape. Finding something you enjoy and making it part of your routine during what usually is not the most fun part of your day can give you an unexpected boost.


3. Stay hydrated.

This may seem basic, but chances are you aren’t getting eight glasses of water a day. By carrying a reusable water bottle (better for the environment!) and making sure you’re not dehydrated, you can make your day and your body a little healthier.


4. Give out two compliments.

Is there a classmate you know who always makes the best jokes in English class, or a friend who always cheers you up? Let them know how awesome they are, and give them a compliment. You day can be improved while helping boost someone else’s.


5. And don’t forget to give yourself appreciation!

You deserve a compliment too! Pick one thing you like about yourself and remind yourself of it. Self love is always important.


6. Smile!

Smiling, even if you aren’t in the mood, releases endorphins, making you feel better. So flash your pearly whites to get a little boost!


7. Make an inspiration board.

Are you always creating new ideas, or have one thing you’ve always wanted to do or accomplish? Find a corkboard or a free space on your wall, and decorate it with inspirational quotes, pictures, and a list of goals. This way you can visualize your ambitions, and remind yourself of what you want to achieve for yourself.


8. Get moving.

Exercise can improve your health and your mood. Go on a walk outside, or even just take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you’ve got a crazy workload, walk in place while looking through flashcards, or take a mini break to do as many jumping jacks as you can in a minute. Working out also strengthens your brain – exercising regularly can improve your memory!


9. Write down three good parts of your day.

There are many wonderful things, big and small, that happen every day, so before you go to sleep, acknowledge what you enjoyed about your day to end the night on a positive note.


10. Get enough sleep.

Clock into bed at a reasonable hour and make sure you get eight to ten hours of sleep. Feeling refreshed instead of tired and sluggish can make the next morning much more enjoyable, and helps you focus and feel better throughout the day.


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