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Name: Michelle
Age: 23
Living in: New York
If I were an ice cream flavor, I would be… butter pecan ice cream. It’s my absolute favorite! I also think it’s kind of underrated, I’m assuming it’s because of the pecans. A lot of people don’t want nuts in their ice cream because it’s weird I guess but when you eat it it’s like wow, where has this been all my life. I’m like that lol I’m weird, shy and a little crazy but get to know me and you’ll love me!

Name: Nicole
Age: 24
Living in: Utah
If I were an ice cream flavor, I would be… mint chocolate chip because green is my favorite color, mint-flavored anything is always delicious, PLUS there’s huge chunks of chocolate- it’s the perfect dessert. 

Name: Leah
Age: 25
Living in: Connecticut
If I were an ice cream flavor, I would be… I’m not saying this mystery flavor would necessarily taste good (not pleasing everyone and that’s okay), but some fantasy version of rocky road with classic chocolate; some marshmallow for sweetness; and dark chocolate pretzel bits for some bitterness, saltiness, and unsuspecting crunch. Make it vegan because we’re trying to save the world here. Best enjoyed straight from the carton around 2AM. 

Name: Gabby
Age: 17
Living in: Oregon
If I were an ice cream flavor, I would be… strawberry rhubarb. Why? Well, like the humble rhubarb plant, though I am small, I am mighty!! But like the strawberry, I’m definitely a bit of a softie. Also, we match. 🙂 

Name: Zachary
Age: 16 years old
Living in: Maryland
If I were an ice cream flavor, I would be… Ben and Jerry’s “Bob Marley’s One Love.” Not only do I love banana ice cream but the graham cracker and caramel swirl combination is something that anyone who has ever been at a campfire can appreciate. The fudge-shaped peace signs make each bite so much better by not just tasting great but it also makes you feel like you’re doing great things in the world by spreading love and peace. 

Name: Lexa
Age: 19
Living in: New York City
If I were an ice cream flavor, I would be… Phish Food. I would be Phish Food because it’s sweet and has a lot of different components, just like me.

Name: Willa
Age: 17
Living in: Oregon
If I were an ice cream flavor, I would be… After asking many of my friends, I decided I would be chocolate because I am strong, deep, can be sweet when you get to know me, and dependable just like how chocolate is always a go to good flavor.

Name: Amanda Cohen
Age: 22
Where I Live: Maryland
If I were an ice cream flavor, I would be… I would be mint chocolate chip (only the green kind) because the combination of the sweet from the chocolate and the freshness from the mint (aka the multitude of flavors from the ice-cream) represent how I have different experiences and personality qualities that I bring to my everyday life!

Name: Lizzie
Age: 22
Living in: Georgia
If I were an ice cream flavor, I would be… a mixture of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla because it was my grandparents’ favorite, and they were my number one fans.

Name: Jennifer
Age: 18
Living in: Ohio
If I were an ice cream flavor, I would be… vanilla and chocolate swirl with sprinkles. I absolutely love simplicity, but I also enjoy unique and exciting experiences into the mix!


  • Julie Geddes

    Love this.

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  • Fawn

    This is such a fantastic idea and I love to see the teens opening up and helping their peers. I’m a little disappointed that there weren’t any “older” members on the committee. I’m 48 years old and there are some very different and specific issues and social structures that someone my age struggle with compared to those of teens and young adult.

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    • You Matter

      Fawn, thank you for your comments. Please know that we are always here for you to talk to. Call us at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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  • Rebecca


    Is there a way I can sign up to contribute to this blog

    Thank you!

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    • You Matter

      This page is operated by the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and these questions would be better directed toward them.

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