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While not everyone may live with a mental illness, we all have mental health and can experience ups and downs. Though struggling with your mental health can feel isolating, you’re never alone. Here are eleven tweets about mental health that we can all relate to sometimes:

1.  For breaking down stigma surrounding mental health:

2. Give a second chance, not a third or fourth:

3. We’re all trying our best, and that’s good enough: 

4. Opening up is a process. Communicate honestly and listen with open ears:

5. Everything has a way of working out in the end:

6. Don’t feel bad for prioritizing your mental health:

7. It really do just be like that sometimes:

8. For finding the love you deserve:

9. Because we all need therapy sometimes:

10.  Prioritize self-care:

11.  Applicable to ALL times, not just for COVID-19 social distancing:


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    but why use twitter?

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  • among us

    Mental health is an important part of everyone’s life, but it can be complicated. If you’re not sure what’s normal for you, it can be tough to know how to deal with your issues. That’s why it’s important to understand the signs and symptoms of mental illness.

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    Thank you for your post!

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