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Reading is probably one of the best things to ever become invented by human beings. I mean, it’s used for pretty much everything. (Such as communicating, connecting, learning, and an outlet from the hectic universe I call “high school.”) But, to me, nothing quite soothes me like a book which leaves me thinking for a few days. So, here are a few books which I adore greatly.

1. The Hunger Games series.Yes, this is probably one of the the most well known series of all time next to Harry Potter But there is a very good reason for that. I mean, this series has so much symbolism and good characterization. And, despite her flaws, Katniss can teach a person a lot about staying true to who you are and remaining brave through all struggles.

2. The Call of the Wild. I really can’t give much input on this novel without spoiling the whole thing, but I will say this book taught me that no matter what horrible things happen to me, I will end up right where I belong. (There is so much more to the novel, but like I said before: I can’t go into detail without spoiling everything.)

3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Charlie is such an awkward, yet relate-able, character. He really have me a large sense of enlightenment, he’ll probably do the same for you.

4. The Outsiders. This book is completely perfect. When you read it, all of the characters seem to be made up of all the hidden parts of you. It’s pretty great, quite honestly.

5. Go Ask Alice.  Although this book is a work of fiction, it’s implanted a large fear of drugs into me and shown me how drugs can effect things such as personal relationships and self-esteem.

6.  Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. Anne Frank’s diary has so many great things to it, one of them being this quote at the very end: “…in spite of everything, I still believe people are really good at heart.” And, you can find yourself relating to some of Anne’s feelings throughout her diary. It’s quite magnificent.


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