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Throughout junior high I was suffering from massive depression. I always felt useless and never felt like I belonged. But nobody would have guessed. I have friends that I always hung out with and never had problems with the family. So, naturally none of them even knew that I would go home and break down when nobody was around. It was the only time I was able to.

But eventually towards the end of junior high and the beginning of high school I finally mentioned this to my family and they were able to get me to talk to someone. A therapist I had to go to a couple times a week for about two months just to see and help me get through it. He actually gave some really helpful tips to help with my thoughts.

My therapist told me about a way to distract myself when I felt like breaking down and losing it. He called it “body distraction.” To do it, you have to focus on a part of your body like your nose or eyes. Focusing on one part of your body allows you to block out everything else around you. You just focus as much as you’re able to. If your mind started to wonder into the negative thoughts, you just keep going back to focusing on that one thing. Eventually, the negative thoughts are gone.

I’ve done this for a few years and I can honestly say that I am better. My life seems better. I have a beautiful fiancé, and smart puppy, and a great house.

I have made it through the tough and darkest times in my life because I fought for it. And I know that when things seem unbearable, as though the darkness will never end, just remember to fighting for what you want.