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I’ve always been told that finding the right therapist can feel like online dating. Recently, I found this to be true. For the past three months, I’ve been using Talkspace to find a therapist to help guide and support me through life’s hardships, whether they be from the past or the present. I’ll be honest, it took about three therapists until I found one that spoke to me and made me feel seen and heard. He was kind and spiritual, and I found his perspectives on life to be quite profound. 

But sometimes, profoundness is not enough. I am at a point in my life where I am experiencing a  conflict between the people pleaser within me versus my selfless side. A part of me feels obligated to stay with one therapist, while another part of me yearns for someone new who will push and encourage me to become more vulnerable, more transparent, and more open to healing. For the entirety of my life, I have felt the need to put others before myself.

 I know this feeling resonates with many. 

Why is it that while growing up, so many see a parallel between being selfless to being selfish? At times, I can’t help but wonder if I am worthy of taking that leap of faith and finding myself a new therapist. Am I strong enough to speak my truth, and translate it into a reality? 

The answer is yes.


I, along with everyone else, am worthy and deserving of finding someone to help me heal my past traumas. I, along with everyone else, hold the power within me to continue the search for a therapist that feels right. We, together, must remind ourselves that we are never alone. If you are struggling to find a therapist, I hope my story reminds you to not give up, even when it is hard, even when it is overwhelming. Finding a therapist may not be as fun as online dating, but when the match is right, the new relationship can blossom into something beautiful. I hope that everyone finds the person that is right for them. I hope that I find that person in the near future. I am ready to reflect, to share, to put in the work, and ultimately to heal. 

Keep searching. Keep fighting. You are worthy of healing and peace of mind. 

If you’re currently looking for a therapist, here are some helpful places to start:

Talkspace is a convenient, affordable way to text, call, or video chat with a licensed therapist. They also offer face-to-face therapy. 

Betterhelp aims to make professional therapy accessible, affordable, and convenient so that anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help, anytime and anywhere. 

Psychology Today makes it easy to search for a therapist based on areas of focus, location, insurance, and many other factors. 

And if you’re in a crisis now, call or text the 988 Lifeline for support. Counselors are available 24/7/365.