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Spring is upon us, friends! Which means two things: pollen and pig styes. While it sounds aggressive, the truth is that most of us are in desperate need of a spring cleaning. Our physical environments can directly impact our mental states, so much so that multiple scientific studies have proven this. The most important thing to remember is to take on only a little at a time. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is what people always say. Take their advice and pace yourself as you declutter your life and mind this spring.  Of course, the difficult part is getting started. So, how do we start cleaning when it seems too overwhelming?

The first step to cleaning your space is starting small. If your environment looks completely hopeless, choose one room to focus on at a time. My go-to starting point is the bedroom. Dividing your room into segments also helps lessen the load. For instance, the closet, physical bed, and dresser could be divided into different zones. Decide on which one you want to tackle first. You could choose which zone is the easiest or which one you have the most energy to take on first. Whatever you decide, remember that any progress is a step in the right direction. With each step, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment from your efforts. Here are some more benefits that may come with a clean environment: 

Improved Focus

We all strive for efficiency, but a cluttered environment can be a major obstacle. It’s difficult to concentrate on important tasks when chaos surrounds you. However, a clean and organized environment can significantly enhance your ability to focus. So, kickstart your journey to increase your productivity with a tidy space! You’ll feel more in control and able to tackle tasks with greater ease.

Less Stress

It is only natural to feel stressed when confronted with the chaos of an unorganized environment. That’s why one of the most well-known benefits of a clean environment is reduced stress levels. While stress can be a good motivator for improved athletic performance, it serves a less favorable purpose when forced to live in a dirty environment. Decluttering and living in a more hygienic environment is one less thing you must worry about at the beginning or end of your day. In turn, it can help reduce anxiety levels and overall feelings of lacking control. 

Sense of Accomplishment 

There’s a unique satisfaction in taking control of your life. The sense of accomplishment that comes with completing your spring cleaning task, whether it’s the entire house, one room, or a zone, is truly empowering. This year, commit to brightening your life and mind with the satisfaction of a job well done! You’ll feel a renewed sense of control and empowerment. 

Regardless of your agenda this month, carve out time to adequately address your mess and reap the benefits of a decluttered life! You shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help or feel it must be completed in one sitting. Prioritize cleaning this spring to ensure you maintain your sanity and sanitation. Happy cleaning, and best of luck!


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