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It has been a wonderful three months here at You Matter and it’s time for me to pass the torch! So before I officially say “au revoir”, I’d like to end with a simple call to action.

Maybe you are wrestling with your own troubles and concerns, or looking for ways to support a loved one, or feeling passionate about making a positive difference in the world at large.  No matter what your journey is, there are all kinds of ways that you can make a difference in your own life and in the lives of those around you.

Here are five steps you can take to make a difference:

  1. Love Yourself. Whether you know it or not, it is extremely challenging to help someone else if you are not taking good care of yourself. So take the time to find what you are passionate about, what you love about yourself, what makes you unique and valuable.  Practice loving yourself and being grateful for those things that make you.
  2. Work To Be Comfortable With Who You Are.  When you give yourself permission to be authentic and confident you are also sending a message to others that they can feel free to do the same. Smile at people as you walk by, say good morning or have a good day. Always be kind.
  3. Don’t Judge a Journey That Is Not Your Own. We will never know exactly what someone else is going through.  While pieces of their story may sound trivial compared to others you’ve heard or even your own , listening and allowing that person to explain exactly how they feel in their life could make an enormous difference.
  4. Volunteer. As you start to build your skills, you may begin to think that you could do this for people who really need your help, maybe people in crisis. I can say confidently that volunteering for a Lifeline Crisis Center has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life (3 years and counting!).  I would encourage any and all of you who have a passion for helping – even if you don’t have experience – to check out the opportunities to help in your area.
  5. Never Stop Learning. There is a lot to learn about suicide prevention and the more we learn, the more of a difference we can make. A lot of people could use your compassion and expertise.


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