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The #DearMe campaign was started as a way for YouTubers to reflect on wisdoms they wish they had learned when they were younger. The advice ranged from “Don’t forget to laugh” to “There is no one like you, don’t conform.”

Two You Matter Bloggers, AJ and Danielle, were inspired and decided to make their own videos to their younger selves. You are going to be blown away at the messages they had.

AJ’s video is dedicated to her 13-year-old self who was self-harming, thinking of suicide and dealing with issues that didn’t make sense at the time. She has one hell of a surprise for her younger self.



Danielle’s video is dedicated to her younger, high school self. She told herself to stop comparing herself to other girls and to keep on being awesome.


Even if you don’t want to make a video like AJ, Danielle, or hundreds of other people, reflect on the person you were when you were younger compared to the person you are now. It is definitely an enlightening experience!



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