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I have seen people pretend to be strong by putting on a show for the world, desperate not show any weakness. I have seen people afraid to open up about anything because they believe that is a sign of weakness.  I have seen people refuse to admit that they have weaknesses, fearful of not appearing strong.  Yet, the truth is that the people who show that they are sometimes weak are in fact the strongest of us all.

We are all battling something in our lives.  It might be not eating the cookies that are staring at you in your pantry or feeling unable to get out of bed in the morning, we all struggle. Some people think that having struggles means they are weak.  Some believe that giving in makes you weak. The truth is you are not weak for having struggles and you are not weak if you give in. You are only human and that means you have weaknesses and struggles sometimes.

Since we are human and we have weaknesses the question is, how do we deal with them? Society teaches us to shove our weaknesses under the rug, to hide them. We are told that this is what it means to be strong.  This might work for some people, but from the many hiding the truth is not the answer. The only way to address the part of you that makes you feel weak is to accept it and face it.

The people that show their true selves, the good and bad, those people are the strong ones. It is the strong that open up to vulnerability and trust that you can make it through.  It is strong to show emotion and not let people get to you.  It is strong to be honest and show people that you are not doing well.  Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Those people who tell you that strength is not showing weakness are only saying that because they can’t deal with their own weaknesses.

Strength is not defined as the lack of weakness; strength is defined as the ability to overcome weakness. We are all human and we all have weak moments, but this does not mean we are not strong. Find the time to look within yourself to identify what you might be struggling with and challenge yourself to actively deal with it.  By doing this, you show yourself and others that your struggles do not make you weak. To share your weaknesses is to become vulnerable and to become vulnerable is to show you have strength.  People commend those who have the strength and courage to show their true colors.


  • Torienne

    The cards that I’ve been dealt in life, I wish I cou
    ld just reshuffle them. The pain that some of them have brought, I have no clue how to explain it to the next person. I don’t even fully understand them myself. But what I’ve learned was that I always asked for help from my friends and boyfriends. I always leaned onto them for support but always felt like I needed more. Maybe what I needed was myself. The strength that I possess inside of me. The confidence to grab the bull by it’s horns. Sit down with myself and really try and work through the challenges I’m facing. Whether it be with school work, family issues, friend drama or simply just not being able to make my hair the way I want it to be. I should try to face those problems and work through them. You should too! You can do it!!! ??

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