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It’s almost that time again! The leaves are falling, the air is getting cooler, and it’s almost time for school. With just a few weeks of summer left, I have been trying to get myself back into a scheduled routine to aid me in working on school time again. Doing such a thing is never easy after months of summer and sleeping in, but once school is back in session, it’s best to prepare your body for certain sleeping hours and build up stamina to maintain focus. 

Sleep is one of the most difficult things to control, and many may find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning or fall asleep at night despite the hour or exhaustion. As someone who experiences quite an unhealthy sleep schedule, I have found that putting my phone down a half hour before I plan to go to sleep has really helped, and I no longer sleep with my phone near me. Using an alarm clock may be a better option if you often lay in bed long after waking up, and having to move around to get to your phone may assist in getting the day started a little bit earlier. It is recommended that we get 8-10 hours of sleep per night, so base the time you go to bed off of the time you need to get up. Laying down without anything to do not only leads to sleep most often, but also gives you time away from the screen to gather your thoughts. A healthy sleep routine is one of the best things you can practice in time for the school year. 

During the end of summer, I like to reach out to some friends I haven’t talked to just to touch base or even compare class schedules (if you receive yours before the year begins). This really helps me to feel a little bit less alone going into the first day back, and that makes all the difference, even if these people aren’t my best of friends, it’s always good to know some people and be open to new friends. No matter how many times you’ve done this, everyone is still a little bit nervous for the first day of school, and having peers is never a bad thing!

Getting productive and making the best of your day will help greatly in keeping up with school work. Small tasks like doing the dishes or taking out the trash at a certain time will do more than you think in building a routine. Making your bed in the morning and keeping up with laundry are also small tasks that can get us moving in an effective way. 

Being outdoors never disappoints! Connecting with nature not only helps us get grounded, but also makes us more well rounded and calm. During stressful times like the transition back to school, being outside or finding outlets for stress is always great. Experiment and find something new that you enjoy or would like to take up as a hobby which can include many things such as birdwatching, painting the scenery, watching a sunset/sunrise, or just getting in touch with your surroundings. 

COVID-19 sent us all into a funk with remote schooling and little in person contact, but remember that this school year will hopefully be much more engaging and interactive. Certain school events that the students missed out on may now be able to make a return, and if going back to school is hard for you, remember the fun things that you do enjoy. 

Easing into the school season is very important so we don’t put too much pressure on ourselves by going from a little schedule to having mass amounts to do. Listen to your body, and remember to put your mental health first, but remain working hard. You’ve got this!