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This is a question that can be answered an endless number of ways. Some answers I hear a lot when I ask this question include:  friends and family, a significant other, music, sports, warm weather, phone, laptop, books and sleeping. A few months ago I came across something online that pointed out that people rarely answer “myself,” and I’ve thought about it a lot ever since. Is it because a lot of people don’t love themselves? Is it because we tend to think of others before ourselves? Is it because we don’t know how others will react if we say it?

Life can get very busy and hectic. Between working, going to school, running errands, strengthening relationships with loved ones, attending appointments, etc. it’s easy to neglect taking care of ourselves. We tend to be our own worst critics which in some ways motivates us to strive to be a better person. However, it can also cause us to be far too hard on ourselves and we get preoccupied on everything about ourselves that we don’t like and want to fix and we forget that there is a lot about us that’s great.

Take the time to write five things that you love about yourself. If you can think of more than five things, that’s great and keep on writing! For others, coming up with five things may be a struggle, but keep digging inside yourself until you find five things, no matter how small or large they seem.

You are worthy of and deserve your own love!


You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection –Buddha


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