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Get outside! No, really! There are a couple of things we’ve learned through research that tie together here. First, looking around at the space we’re in can help us feel grounded. Second, when we’re in nature, our eye movement is naturally increased. That means that when we’re in “green space” (a nature trail, forest, or even a city park), we don’t have to try as hard to look around and feel grounded. It happens naturally! 

While increased eye movement helps us use sight to ground, we can also use our other senses to help anchor us. I most often rely on sight and hearing. That makes birding a great hobby for me! Have you ever listened to the birds singing outside? If so, have you recognized the same tune being sung in different places or during different times of day? It’s probably the same species of bird – but which one? What does that bird look like? Can you spot it flying by, sitting on its perch, or hiding in the brush? If we wanted to take our mindfulness a step further, we could also ponder what a day in the life of that bird would look like. 

Maybe that bird excitedly awaits the sunrise each morning, anticipating the warmth and food to come. Maybe it spends each day happily building a nest or tending to its young. Maybe it blissfully soars through the clouds. Might it reside high up in a tree or along a pebbled-filled shore? Is the bird’s song part of a chorus with others in its community? Imagining peaceful scenarios like these can be just as helpful for me as actually being outside. If you were a bird, what would your ideal life look like? You might find inspiration for answering that question by spending a little time observing birds in nature! 

I love following the sights and sounds of nature, especially on a beautiful spring day. I find that I benefit from it anytime, but I especially make it a point to get outside right after each of my therapy sessions. Therapy can be hard work, and giving myself space and time to process everything we discussed during my session is important to me. No matter what state of mind I leave therapy in, I consistently feel better after spending some time in a green space. I might describe it as feeling refreshed, energized, or relaxed, depending on the day. I might even end my time outside feeling more secure. 

I’m grateful that someone taught me at a young age that as long as we’re outside, we are never alone. We’re among entire ecosystems that are filled with living things! Bugs, mammals, birds, and so many others are living their lives right alongside us. Try to picture it for just a moment and let it sink in. It just might help you breathe easier. And if you’re ever feeling too alone, please reach out. That’s what the 988 Lifeline is for. Text or call 988.

P.S. Take this as an invitation to head to a green space whenever you get a chance! 


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